Slave to the Lender


Mark R. O’Neill was born and raised in Helena, Montana. After studying at Montana State University, he served as an army intelligence officer in Honduras and South Korea. He became a reserve officer and has since deployed to Iraq and worked as a contractor in Afghanistan. Currently, Mark blogs on his website

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As a lieutenant in the Eighty-Second Airborne Division, Franco Chevalier routinely led men into combat. Now Franco is back in New Orleans, working as a security manager at his uncle’s club and struggling to adapt to civilian life.

But civilian life is about to look a lot like military life. While hosting a private party for a US senator, Franco watches helplessly as his charge is gunned down by professional assassins. Franco joins forces with Jack, an old army buddy turned private detective, to bring the killers to justice. An overseas manhunt reveals that their suspects have ties to a banking syndicate allied with the Iranian Quds Force … and they won’t go down without a fight.

Slave to the Lender takes you from the New Orleans club scene to the dangerous world of international finance, where bankers vie to control predatory loans to developing oil-rich nations.


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