Decades Awaiting Justice in Jamaica


Dr. Paul Chen-Young, age seventy-nine, is an international economist, investment banker and entrepreneur with extensive consulting work in the Caribbean and in the South Pacific countries. As an investment banker, he was the founder and Chairman of the Eagle group of financial companies in Jamaica. He has also served on many major public sector boards in Jamaica. The author can be contacted by email at:

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Decades Awaiting Justice in Jamaica describes the pursuit of justice by Dr. Paul Chen-Young since 1998 when he had to respond to legal claims brought against him by FINSAC (Financial Sector Adjustment Company) after he transferred the Eagle entities — banks and other financial companies — to the Jamaican government in 1997 for one dollar. This transaction was made based on Chen-Young’s mistaken belief that it was full settlement for any outstanding indebtedness during the financial crisis in the 1990s when almost the entire domestic financial institutions faced a liquidity crisis.

In Decades Awaiting Justice in Jamaica, Chen-Young describes the lawsuits brought against him in Jamaica and in Miami, Florida. The lawsuits started in 1998, and have caused severe financial grief to him, along with great emotional strain and suffering. These lawsuits were compounded by use of the dreaded mareva injunction that virtually ruined his professional and business career. Chen-Young presents comprehensive legal submissions in the appeal that show the supporting arguments seeking to overturn the ruling against him based on the claims along with grounds for the judge’s recusal. He also shows the legal submissions to overturn the ruling against him in the Miami courts brought by FINSAC based on the ruling of the court in Jamaica.


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