Earth Tilt, Book IV: The Search for Brother Dennis


In addition to his four Earth Tilt books, James D. Dailey has also written The Goldston Chronicles and War, Remembrance, and Life in General.
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In Earth Tilt, Book IV: The Search for Brother Dennis, the world is recovering from massive disruption, but there’s a long way to go for complete restoration. Susan Darby and her husband J.J. have come through the turmoil and adjusted to a new way of living in Paradise Valley, Virginia. But there’s no electricity, no telephones or telegraph, and sporadic mail delivery comes by horse from across the altered landscape.

When Susan receives a message that her brother, Dennis Kingsley, has been imprisoned on false charges and may face execution, she and J.J. embark on a rescue mission. Together they journey across a North America that has been thrown back into the conditions of the nineteenth century, depending on horse-drawn wagons and unreliable train service with passengers pressed into service as guards against bandits. Governments are fragmented, and town militias are not always available to keep the peace. It’s nearly impossible to know who they can trust. As their supplies dwindle, finding Dennis proves more difficult than they ever imagined. Will they be successful in their quest? And if they are able to rescue him, can they persuade Dennis to return home, or will they join his rebellion?


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