Exit Strategies for Covered Call Writing: Making the most money when selling stock options


Dr. Alan Ellman, author of best-selling Cashing In on Covered Calls, wears many hats during the course of a typical day. He is a licensed general dentist in the State of New York and the owner of a vitamin store called The Natural Vitamin and Herb Source of Long Island. In addition to these titles, Alan is also a licensed certified personal fitness trainer and a licensed real estate salesperson.

Alan is also an avid real estate investor, owning properties in Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania and New York. He has often been invited to speak in front of large groups of investors about his successful investment properties.

Of all the facets of his life, Alan has become most passionate about the stock market and call options in particular. He loves the challenge of beating the market and sharing his ideas and system with others. This has manifested itself in the form of seminars and one-on-one coaching classes. In particular, he wants to spread the word about selling call options to the blue collar investor. Alan is determined to assist the average investor in getting the returns normally reserved for the Wall Street insiders.

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Exit Strategies for Covered Call Writing reveals the best and most effective procedures to manage your stock option positions. After selling a call option, many investors simply permit the result to run its own course through expiration Friday. This will cost you money! By administering well-thought-out exit strategies, based on sound fundamental and technical principles along with your common sense, your profits will be maximized and your losses will be diminished.

Alan Ellman, author of the best-selling Cashing In on Covered Calls, speaks to the average blue collar investors of the world. In a practical and straightforward manner, he offers sound, honest, and easy-to-understand management techniques that will take the mystery out of covered call writing. Inside you will discover and learn about:

  • What exit strategies can do for you
  • The key parameters to consider
  • Exit strategy alternatives
  • Executing exit strategy trades
  • Real-life examples
  • Profiting with the Ellman calculator
  • And much more


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