Exploring the Human Spirit: Essays on Mythology, Psychology, Philosophy, and Religion


Richard Dance has lived a full life as an oilfield worker,  world-touring musician, real estate developer, humanities professor, and philosophical counselor. He has written books on philosophy, mythology, and the study of consciousness. Richard now lives in Phoenix, Arizona and composes music for the film/TV industry. He occasionally guest lectures at various colleges, symposiums, and retreats.

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“Richard has a gentle and compelling way of communicating the wisdom and wonder of spiritual inquiry, non-dual teachings, and myth. I feel his style succeeds brilliantly in simplifying complex concepts so people of contemporary culture can understand them. This collection of essays forms a great manual for helping anyone to challenge themselves to wake up to their own inner brilliance, to accept and work with the often difficult nature of the modern world.”

—Angela B., student

Exploring the Human Spirit is a collection of essays Richard Dance wrote for a study group that grew out of an East-West philosophy course he taught at several colleges in Arizona. His philosophy students asked him to start a study group to explore more deeply the ideas presented in the class. He obliged by writing essays on various topics that he thought would benefit others, and everyone met at his home monthly for a presentation on each essay. These Mindful Medicine Salons unfolded spontaneously over two years with several hundred participants in attendance, creating a wonderful sense of community in the pursuit of self-knowledge. Great thanks go to all the students without whom this book would have never existed.


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