Fateful Parallels


MARLYS BEIDER was born and raised in Hannover, Germany. To create this novel, she drew on her love of music and travel. Ms. Beider currently resides in Chicago and Tucson.

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When sexy and sophisticated Mimi Silverstein divorces her two-timing husband, the fiery genius Maestro Frans van Diehm, she eagerly prepares to begin a new life with their young daughter. But her first taste of freedom draws her into a web of intrigue, power, and deception. Against a backdrop of spectacular music, Mimi becomes involved with another international artist, the mysterious rock star Randae Crane. As their feelings for each other grow more intense, the Maestro’s guilty secrets begin to unfold… The riveting conclusion to this dazzling tale of loves, past and present, is bound to touch the heart of every reader.


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