Sweet Crude: Taming the Sands of Libya


V. C. Thomas

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A Texas oil man joins his Muslim friends to repair the oil and gas fields, and fights for reason as the CIA, terrorists from neighboring countries, and the Libyan army position themselves in post Qadhafi Libya.

Decades ago in Libya, TexOil President Roland Moran discovered huge quantities of sweet crude, the most sought-after oil on earth. Now Qaddafi has fallen, and the way is clear to renovate the oil fields that lie deep within the Sahara.

But danger and deception lurk around every corner. Summer Williams, Rolo’s assistant and lover, may not be what she seems. Dr. Mohammed Ben Nusef, a rising young star at TexOil, has close ties to people who are planning terrorist attacks against Americans. Rolo feels more at home in the Muslim world than most, but will his diplomatic skills be enough to prevent events from spiraling out of control?

With keen insights into the oil trade, Islam, and the uneasy comingling of disparate cultures, Sweet Crude paints a compelling picture of life in the Middle East.


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