French Faux Amis: The Combined Book


Saul H. Rosenthal

Faux amis (or “false friends”) are French words that look and sound like English words but have entirely different meanings than what you expect, causing potential misunderstandings and awkward situations.

French Faux Amis: The Combined Book will help you avoid these embarrassing misunderstandings. It’s written in conversational language and it’s easy and fun to read. You’ll learn how each French word differs from the English one and see it used correctly in example sentences. And you’ll find that you’ll learn most of these faux amis without having to consciously memorize them, simply because they are so interesting.

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“I think your books are wonderful. You have made a fantastic contribution to the French language profession.”

—Professor Judy Baughin, Raymond Walters College


“As with your previous book, I am amazed at how fun to read, as well as incredibly informative the book is. It’s a wonderful tool.”

—Professor Brigitte Humbert, Middlebury College


“I have very much enjoyed Faux Amis and plan to order it for my translation class this coming semester. You have done a real service to learners of French … This is important work.”

—Professor John Romeiser, University of Tennessee, Knoxville


“I love the Faux Amis, especially the relaxed, conversational presentation. I’m going to suggest that we recommend it for students in our intermediate and advanced classes as a supplementary reference book.”

—Professor Norman Shapiro, Dept. of French, Wesleyan University


“Your little books are great!”

—Professor A. G. Fralin, Washington and Lee University


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