The Compendium of American English Grammar: For Advanced ESL Speakers is an easy-to-use grammar reference book for non-native English speakers who have progressed beyond the classroom. Topics include:

  • definite and indefinite articles
  • noun categories
  • twelve official verb tenses
  • two unofficial verb tenses
  • gerunds and infinitives
  • stative verbs
  • phrasal verbs
  • correct placement of adverbs
  • negation
  • question formation
  • individual function words
  • standard numbers and shortcuts
  • formal and informal language
  • mistakes that native speakers make
  • pronunciation and grammar
  • and much more

Filled with examples and detailed explanations of the trickiest sentence patterns, The Compendium of American English Grammar is the ideal book for students, business executives, new and longtime US residents,  and others who want to perfect their English skills.