Gripped by Gambling


Marilyn Lancelot is a recovering compulsive gambler. She visited her first casino in 1984 at the age of 53, and for seven years made a four-hour trek from her home to the casino each weekend. She lied to her family and friends, and signed her employers’ name to company checks. She contemplated suicide.

Her world came tumbling down when she was finally caught embezzling and was sentenced to two years in prison. Her close-knit family didn’t even know about her gambling addiction until her arrest.

Marilyn has been in recovery for sixteen years, and has used her experience to help other women gamblers. She has started Gambler’s Anonymous meetings in her hometown and at a local prison. She has a web site devoted to helping women gamblers specifically, many of whose needs were not addressed by male-dominated GA meetings.

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A nightmare begins with alcohol addiction, followed by prescription drugs, overeating, and eventually gambling. This is a woman’s journey back from the Hell she created.


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