Have Denominations Divided the Church?


Yolanda Atkins Cotton is the founder of Women of Completion, a ministry dedicated to taking evangelism back to the streets. Other books by Yolanda include Kids in the Fast LaneWhy Do Husbands Cheat?Lost, Lonely, and Locked UpWomen of WarLet’s TalkLove, Honor, and ObeyBehind the DesertA Cry That Shows No Tears; and Armed and Dangerous. She lives in Alabama with her husband.

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Have Denominations Divided the Church? If you ask most Christians, they usually avoid the subject or claim there is no avoiding it. But after fellowshipping with many believers of different denominations, evangelist Yolanda Atkins Cotton is convinced that denominations often set up roadblocks rather than pathways to God’s truth.

God’s church is not about beautiful buildings and sanctuaries. It is not about particular forms of worship, symbols, liturgies, programs, or procedures. God’s church is about the Builder—the Chief Cornerstone—Christ Jesus. God desires that His people walk uprightly for Him, not to make believers happy, comfortable, or rich. The joy that comes as a result of knowing God and following His precepts is a blessing from God, but it is not the aim.

This book was written for church leaders, saints, and true worshippers of the one holy God to examine themselves and their churches to see if their denominations are lining up with God’s word. It is time for believers to search the scriptures for truth, and to test what their leaders and traditions are telling them. It is God’s will for all believers to be filled with wisdom, knowledge, and the truth of His word.


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