Yielding to Wonder


Patricia Hofer

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Where is our soul? How did it get there? What makes it grow? Does God love everyone? Is our anger at God justified? How do we face hardship and death?

Patricia Hofer covers these questions and more in her new book, Yielding to Wonder. She has found that fresh answers and new understanding revitalize faith. Instead of being a hindrance, this spiritual hunger and discontent in every heart is a gift from God!

Second in a series, Yielding to Wonder continues the day-by-day journey that began in Driving into the Dawn. Each short chapter begins with a question. The various answers Hofer offers are personal and yet farreaching. They spring from her years of research, study, prayer,  and a relationship with the Lord that has thrived for over twenty years.

Hofer’s first book, Power of Yielding, was an inspiring mental pilgrimage, relating her dramatic conversion experience and describing the personal awakening that resulted from it. Today Hofer continues to read widely, searching for similar spiritual awakenings in the lives of other Christians and for the most fundamental and essential Christian truths.

Are you ready for a journey that renews your faith and strengthens your relationship with God? If so, some of the questions and answers in this book may be the inspiration that sets you on your way.


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