Hoofprints on the Moon


Horses have been a part of Patricia Duncan’s life since she was a young girl. She began taking English riding lessons at the age of seven and rode and trained her horse to become a champion jumper. Her fond memories of riding and training horses as a child and teenager helped to inspire this book. She currently lives in Tucson, Arizona.
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Amanda felt the power of her stallion beneath her as Tornado trotted into the arena. They galloped to the first rail jump and soared over. They turned to the center of the ring and took the in-and-out, striding just once between fences. I’m actually starting to have fun, she thought. The next jump stood four feet high, painted to resemble a stone wall. A little boy in the stands let go of his helium-filled balloon just as Tornado approached. It bobbed across the horse’s path and Amanda felt his body tense. It’s only a balloon, Tornado. A long, purple ribbon dangled from the balloon and danced across the horse’s line of vision. He snorted and took a prancing step sideways. That’s just a silly string tied to the balloon, she reassured him with her thoughts.

The stallion turned his focus back to the jump ahead, clearing the barrier with half a foot to spare.

Set against the backdrop of Kentucky horse country in the 1950s, Amanda McKenzie raises Tornado, a white stallion with telepathic abilities. As Amanda and Tornado enter the show-jumping world, he appears to take wing over the obstacles, breaking all existing records and dazzling the nation. But when a gang of outlaws threaten to destroy them, Amanda and her boyfriend, Garth, are forced to flee on the soaring horse into the wilds of Canada where they fight for their survival.


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