If I Can, You Can: Transformation Made Easy


David Zelman, PhD, is the founder and CEO of Transitions Institute, Inc. With more than thirty years of clinical and consulting experience, David is committed to promoting a powerful truth about creating one’s life.

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True success and happiness belong to those who master the art of creating their lives rather than getting better at changing their circumstances.

It’s remarkable that we humans remain quite a mystery to ourselves. While we are learning much about how our bodies and brains function, we are still in search of the why and how of human nature and behavior.

The key to a great life starts with the recognition that you and I, all human beings, are creating our lives moment by moment. We are doing so without the slightest recognition of how we are doing it.

In If I Can, You Can, David Zelman lays out the Transitions Process, which gives individuals access to themselves. Readers will discover the source of their innate ability to intentionally and committedly generate a future of their own choosing.


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