In the Crosshairs: from Whitetail to Wildebeest


Ken Huebsch

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Hunting stories that will capture your imagination

Join the author on an exciting journey as he hunts on five continents over a span of ten years. Each hunting experience is uniquely different, and as interesting as the people and places visited. The tales are painfully honest; not every story will end the way you might think it should. You will see how rewarding hunting can be, but also how easily things can go awry in an instant.

All the events are real; however, the names are not. No outfitter in his right mind would allow a story to be told that puts his operation in a bad light. This is what makes this book different from any other you will read.

Our hunting heritage is strong because no other sport has the ability to create memories quite the way this one does. This book will fuel your desire to get out there on your own, or with a friend or family member, and at the same time will raise your awareness level as to the potential pitfalls that can occur if you fail to do your homework. These stories have been written by a hunter for other hunters’ enjoyment. Hunt safely and have fun!


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