Kicking and Screaming to Enlightenment: A Journey to the Real Self by Mary Bell


Mary Bell is a spiritual healer, author, teacher, and channel who has been in private practice for almost twenty years. She has been a forerunner in the teaching of Ascension work, specializing in understanding and integrating the current shift in consciousness that is occurring as we ascend in consciousness on the earth plane. Mary led the Nirvana School of Enlightenment in the 1990s and is currently offering both online and in-person seminars through the Foundation for Unity Consciousness. She graduated from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, taught Awakening Your Light Body skills, as developed by Sonia Roman and Dwayne Packer, taught with the Healing Touch Program, and began channeling and teaching her own work in 1995. See her website at for more information.

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There is nothing more important than reclaiming our power at this point in time because it will determine the future direction of our planet and our evolution.

We are living in extraordinary times in which we are experiencing a global shift in consciousness that is affecting how we feel, how we think, and how we are experiencing time. This Shift results in viewing reality from another perspective, a perspective that sees the bigger picture, the Unity in all things, and recognizes the God Self within. In this book, Mary Bell, spiritual healer, teacher, author, and channel, bridges new age and traditional spiritual philosophy as she gives you a map and a conceptual explanation of what you may be experiencing and new tools to integrate the changes that are occurring. As a true pioneer, she shares her own personal journey as she went through the process of integrating this shift, in hopes of making your journey an easier one. Contained within the writing is a transmission of healing energy, which you will receive by reading the book, and a textbook for healers with an introduction to working from Unity Consciousness.


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