Laughing Matters: The Humor and Perspective of George Bernie Yandell


Karen Yandell is the fifth of eight children born to George Bernie Yandell and Eleanor Reed Smith, and the youngest of their four daughters. She has a masters degree in clinical social work from Arizona State University, and completed a year of post-graduate training in systems-based family therapy. Her behavioral health career has included child protective services social work; school social work; court-based counseling, evaluation and mediation services; individual evaluation and counseling; and a short interval of hospice social work. She has been retired for more than a decade and resides in Phoenix, Arizona.


It’s been said that every interesting person has a past — and Bernie Yandell is no exception.

Little did Bernie’s family know about their loving father and husband’s amusing recollections and hilarious writings until his daughter discovers a box of his old manuscripts.

When Karen Yandell dives into her father’s writings, she is amazed by the treasure that has been hidden for so long. Bernie’s writing shows his wild and colorful past and his previously unarticulated perspective on what it takes to live a life filled with optimism and laughter. It is a classic example of how to take the lemons handed over by fate and make them into delicious lemonade.

Laughing Matters also describes life in Parker, Arizona during the 1930s when Bernie was among the original team of construction workers tasked with building the Parker Dam and Power Plant. His anecdotes provide a firsthand, humorous look at this major undertaking.

Bernie Yandell was in full possession of a sense of humor and the ability to laugh — and Laughing Matters is a loving tribute from a daughter who generously shares his gift with the world.


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