Looking for Love in Strange Places: A Memoir for My Stepdaughters


Diana Page

Diana Page is a writer and bon vivant, living one half the year in Chile, the other half on the coast of Maine.

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Back in 1968 Diana Page was going to graduate from the University of Michigan without much hope for marriage or a career. She didn’t have a boyfriend, so a prospective husband was unlikely to materialize before the semester ended, and a bachelor’s in political science wasn’t going to make her easily employable. The solution? Join the Peace Corps where she could help change the world . . . and possibly meet a guy who shared her values.

Thus began Diana’s adventures. Her travels as a journalist and diplomat took her down the dangerous roads of Latin American history from the 1960s into the twenty-first century. With excerpts from diaries, letters, and news articles, she weaves together a narrative of war and peace, presidents and peasants, but mostly of ordinary people who teach her about life. She also runs into a few extraordinary people along the way: Fidel Castro, Isabel Peron, Pele, Jorge Luis Borges, and Hilary Clinton among others.

Looking for Love in Strange Places: A Memoir for My Stepdaughters is a hopeful, humorous account of what happens when you seize the day—without too many expectations for the future.


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