Lead the Way: Charting a Course to Win


Greg Bustin

GREG BUSTIN founded Bustin & Co. in 1994 after leading the Dallas office of an international consulting firm to unprecedented levels of success. Today he consults with leadership teams in a wide range of industries and leads a think tank for successful CEOs committed to improving their performance. Bustin speaks regularly to business and nonprofit organizations. His first book, Take Charge! How Leaders Profit From Change, was published in 2004. Bustin has led more than one hundred strategic planning sessions for leadership teams.

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Successful companies win consistently because their employees are united around a common purpose, and each person is focused on doing their part to execute the plan.

Most smaller businesses neglect the crucial step of developing a written plan that provides focus and alignment. As a result, execution is inconsistent and performance suffers.

What if you had a fast, simple process to develop a plan your team really believed in? And what if you had the tools to drive individual accountability and increase bottom-line results?

Lead the Way delivers. Business consultant Greg Bustin shows you step-by-step how to:

  • Address issues that strangle effectiveness
  • Agree on key priorities that drive performance
  • Develop a simple plan with built-in accountability
  • Achieve buy-in from every employee in your organization
  • Measure performance and achieve the results you expect

Whether you’re a new manager or a seasoned leader, Lead the Way provides proven tools and practical steps to help you and your team achieve and sustain higher levels of effectiveness and success.


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