Level Headed: Inside the Walls of One of the Greatest Turnaround Stories of the 21st Century


J. Doug Pruitt and Richard Condit

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Level Headed takes you behind the scenes of one of the greatest business turnaround stories of the twenty-first century. Your narrators are Doug Pruitt, chairman and chief executive officer of Sundt, and Richard Condit, senior vice president and chief administrative officer. Both men led Sundt from the front lines during its darkest times, triumphing over extraordinary challenges by implementing solid business fundamentals. For the first time ever, in these pages, Pruitt and Condit reveal the real life story of how one of the most profitable companies in American business fell so fast, and then rose back up from the ashes more successful than ever.

What can other businesses, especially in these troubled economic times, learn from the story of Sundt and its remarkable turnaround? In a word: Everything!


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