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Duke Southard, a retired educator, has published professional articles in Media and Methods and served as president of the New Hampshire Educational Media Association. In 1997, he was awarded an “EDie,” the New Hampshire Excellence in Education Award, for his contribution to the school library/ media profession in the state. His educational credentials include a BS from Villanova University, a MA in English education from Glassboro State University, and a CAGS in library/media technology from Boston University. He is married, the father of three. He lived in New Hampshire before moving to Green Valley, Arizona.

The original version of A Favor Returned was published by Peter Randall and distributed by University Press of New England. Southard’s second novel, Agent for Justice, was published in 2003 by Hot House Press. He is also the author of two non-fiction books. A memoir, The Week from Heaven and Hell, describes the family’s struggles while dealing with the sudden and tragic loss of a young adult son, and The Nick: A Vision Realized is a commissioned history of a large recreational facility in New Hampshire.

Duke Southard

In 2010, Southard won awards in both the short story and memoir divisions of the Society of Southwestern Authors writing contest. His novel, A Favor Returned, was a 2013 finalist in the New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards. The second edition of Agent for Justice was a finalist in the 2014 New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards.

Visit the author’s website for more information on his work, works in progress, and free programs for schools, libraries, and community groups:

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Brad Wallace’s obsession with vengeance has cost him his marriage, his career, and his life. When he disappears beneath the surface of Lake Winnipesaukee, his former friends consider it a sad end to a life that went off the rails long ago.

But Detective Parker Havenot isn’t convinced that the self-proclaimed agent for justice would give up so easily. He and his wife, Josie Wallace Havenot, suspect that Brad faked his own suicide as a cover for whatever new vigilante acts he’s planned. Investigating a series of strange and seemingly unrelated events, Parker discovers that Brad is not only alive, but working with Univac Redux, a company carrying out nebulous technological experiments. Can Parker connect the dots before Brad makes his next move?


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