Love, Honor, and Obey


Yolanda Atkins Cotton

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Most people consider marriage to be sacred. When they speak their wedding vows, they believe those vows will never be broken. Then why are so many marriages falling apart?

Yolanda Atkins Cotton laid that question on God’s altar when her own marriage was in trouble. The answer that came back to her was this: until we as one receive Jesus as our husbandman, as our sacred friend, and as our sacred lover, we will never be able to walk in unity with one another as a whole.

In Love, Honor, and Obey: Broken Vows, Yolanda speaks frankly about what she has learned from her marital difficulties and her conversations with God. Her message—that it is possible to forgive one another’s transgressions if you remain faithful to the Lord—will inspire any Christians who are committed to making their marriages work.


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