Milo Ryder: Return of the Lawman


Lowell F. Volk is from Minnesota and now lives in Pleasant View, Colorado. He is retired from General Dynamics and is a former deputy sheriff of Montezuma County, Colorado. He is a member of Western Writers of America and enjoys writing books and hunting. He and his wife, Mary Lou, have five grown children.

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The Colorado territory is in desperate need of brave men of good character to help bring law and order to the ever-increasing number of settlers in the region. After Milo Ryder is drawn out of retirement to capture a hardened criminal in Lowell F. Volk’s previous book, Purgatoire Valley, he is recruited back into a permanent position as a US Marshal. Milo agrees, stipulating that he will be working his ranch in Purgatoire Valley and can only take on a limited number of cases. But it doesn’t take long for this to change. First, a young woman is kidnapped. Then a gang of bandits stalks him with murderous intent. Then a local bank is robbed. Milo’s ranch is calling to him, but he finds his duty as a lawman more pressing. How can he or anyone else live peacefully when outlaws are not being brought to justice? Will Milo’s wife, Hannah, understand the duty he feels obligated to fulfill? Will he or anyone else in the Purgatoire Valley be safe enough to live and work on the land?


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