Moments from the Side Yard: Painted Poetry and Prompted Journal


Angela Bell Julien writes and paints to express the importance of life’s simple moments. She realized her passion for words at an early age, and how they can be put together to create beautiful images. Years of teaching writing to a myriad of teenagers and their teachers across the country, has kept that spark alive. Angela did not find her way to a paintbrush until much later in life. Painting has given her new energy that has invigorated her voice. Although born in Phoenix, and now returned to those desert roots, Angela and her family have lived in many different Arizona communities. She draws on both her Arizona heritage and her adventures for inspiration. Love for her family drives her every endeavor.

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Moments of inspired visions, hard work, and being with gentle souls, mold us by giving us energy to move and change. In physics, a “moment” is defined as the effect of a force that causes an object to turn around a chosen pivot point. This perfectly describes the ideas expressed in Moments from the Side Yard. Life is about the effects of forces that help us see the world from multiple points of view — moments that bring us joy and moments that make us reconsider our current situations. Taking time to absorb the energy of the moment is what lifts us, holds us up when the spinning gets too fast. Staying anchored to a pivot point keeps us from flying off course, reminds us to stay true to ourselves. My side yard is my pivot point. What is yours?

In Moments from the Side Yard, each painting is followed by a poem and each poem by a journal prompt with pages for you to write your own thoughts. I hope you find energy in the forces that move you and a pivot point from which to mind your moments.


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