Monroe County Deer Hunts: Why the Good Old Methods Are Best


Keith Francis Organ is a Vietnam veteran and author of Tree of Souls. He lives in Monroe County, Wisconsin. All proceeds made in the sale of this book will go to cancer research.

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If you walk long enough in the woods, you’ll be introduced to your family. For we all have but one mother, Earth.

In Monroe County Deer Hunts: Why the Good Old Methods Are Best, author Keith Francis Organ hearkens back to the hunting stories of his youth and shows how hunting has evolved over the past sixty years into a technological game with little respect for animal or environment.

When Organ was young, hunters didn’t use trail cameras, tree stands, or feeding stations. Hunting was a man’s sport, and hunters had to learn the signs of deer to succeed. They had to learn to think like a deer to bag a buck, and they had to consider the cover a deer would prefer in different weather conditions as they studied the woods and weather, not the deer. Doe tags were never issued, and smaller bucks were healthier than some of the giants taken today. Experienced hunters were like lions, stalking prey while wearing velvet moccasins. All wildland was open to hunters, which provided ample space to explore nature. It was a classroom where the older hunters could teach the younger about the hidden secrets of their prey.

Monroe County Deer Hunts recalls the spirit of adventure that awaited every hunt, a time when no two hunts were ever the same.


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