Life is indeed uncertain; it’s an odyssey subject to natural, social, and economic pressures, which influence its course. However, it’s the inner fire and drive in each individual that ultimately govern and determine the whole course of each human life.

If an individual’s motivation is sufficiently strong, it will weather through the ever-changing environment until an opportunity opens, which can allow one’s desires to be fulfilled.

This is the story of a third-world country immigrant who came to the United States to quench his thirst for knowledge and his desire to participate in, and to contribute to, the science and technology of the twenty-first century. It tells about his struggles, his pain of failures, and the ecstasy of his successes to become a renowned scientist and technologist, and a major contributor to modern science and technology. It also tells about love, the celebration of life, and the grief of losing his most beloved wife through cancer. Finally, it describes how he escaped from the corrosive grip of extreme bitterness into gratefulness for an exceptionally fulfilling life and the promise of the future generation he is holding in his arms.