Music Grooves, 2nd ed.


Charles Keil and Steven Feld

Charles Keil is a groovologist and echologist whose other books include Urban Blues, Tiv Song, Polka Happiness, My Music, and Bright Balkan Morning. Steven Feld is Professor of Anthropology and Music at the University of New Mexico and Director of VoxLox Documentary Sound Art.

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A unique collaboration between two of the most challenging voices studying music today, this volume explores the dual themes of musical participation and musical mediation. A number of the authors’ most important essays, thoroughly revised and updated, are introduced and framed by dialogues that supply additional context, introduce retrospective concerns, and reveal previously unseen connections. This format expresses the authors’ desire for a more reflexive, experimental discourse on music and society and invites readers to join their conversations. Music Grooves ranges from jazz, blues, polka, soul, rock, world beat, rap, karaoke, and other familiar genres to major scholarly debates in music theory and popular culture studies. The authors cover vital issues in media studies, ethnomusicology, popular culture studies, anthropology, and sociology, while discussing musics from America, Greece, Cuba, Africa, and Papua New Guinea and artists as diverse as James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Li’l Wally Jagiello, Bo Diddley, Walt Solek, Madonna, Paul Simon, Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, and Billie Holiday.


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