Stumbling to Enlightenment: Say Yes and Interesting Stuff Happens


Richard Dance has lived a full life as an oilfield construction worker, world-touring musician, real estate developer, humanities professor, and philosophical counselor. He has written books on philosophy, mythology, and consciousness studies. He now lives in Phoenix, AZ, and composes music for the film/TV industry, and occasionally guest lectures at various colleges, symposiums, and retreats.

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“No one is more masterful at distilling complex philosophical ideas into a lucid and engaging narrative than Richard Dance. In Stumbling to Enlightenment, he uses the lens of his own life story to bring these concepts to life, and what a storied life it is!  From the musical Bayou of the 1970s to the oil fields of Saudi Arabia and beyond, Richard expertly weaves his rich and far-flung experiences with wisdom of the ages to create an engrossing and illuminating work.”

—Rachelle Marmor, MS, MFA


Stumbling to Enlightenment takes you on a globe-trotting journey through the astonishing tales of serial adventurer Richard Dance whose unexpected true-life expeditions led to illuminating encounters with everyone from Japanese Shingon monks and Alabama shrimpers to mega-wealthy Saudi sheikhs, blues guitar legends, and Sedona tantra wizards. In this brief, entertaining memoir, you get Richard’s distilled interpretation of the often-misunderstood common message from such great world teachers as Socrates, Jesus, Lao Tzu, and The Buddha. No matter where you are on your own stumble to enlightenment, this engaging, humorous story will help light the way!


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