The Burden of Knowing: A journey, a friendship, and the power of truth in Nicaragua


Sharon Rezac Andersen is retired as former director of the University of North Dakota International Centre, Grand Forks, North Dakota, where she spent the majority of her professional life academically working with international students, Fulbright scholars, and study aboard programs. She completed a master of fine arts degree in communication with a minor in social psychology at UND. As an undergraduate student majoring in religious studies, philosophy, and women studies, Rezac Andersen studied abroad in Cuba and Nicaragua, and was invited by the USSR Russian Orthodox Church to study Soviet religions, governmental and educational systems. She represented the United Nations Non-Governmental Interchurch Centre in the Czech Republic, her paternal country, at a conference focused on formulating world peace initiatives, studying comparative educational systems and examining the world military complex.

Highlights that sustain Rezac Andersen’s fulfilled life include: gathering around the dining table eating and conversing with family and friends; reading, writing, discussing the great books, and enjoying unique special moments with grandchildren: Alexa, Jessica, Kayla, Linsey, Palmer, and Zoë.

She and her husband, Gary, reside in Green Valley, Arizona winter months and Park Rapids, Minnesota during the summer.

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What is truth?
Where do we find it?
And will it transform our lives?

Join Sharon Rezac Andersen on her 1983 study tour to Nicaragua and discover the answers to these questions.

As the United States government undermined the Nicaraguan Sandinista regime by supplying arms to the contra rebels, author Sharon Rezac Andersen and her mentor, Sister Margie Tuite, journeyed to Nicaragua as ambassadors with the largest US ecumenical movement, Church Women United. Despite the dangers of traveling in a civil war zone, they met the challenge with a desire to seek the truth from those living in the country. Now you can journey with Rezac Andersen through The Burden of Knowing, meeting the people and seeing the places that influenced her life. Read how the Nicaraguans wept over the corpses of slain youth martyrs who were killed by the contras while protecting precious coffee crops. See how broken lives were being restored under the Sandinista regime, and experience the spirit of hope that was being ignited among the Nicaraguan poor through the many positive programs by their government.

The Burden of Knowing is a tribute to Sister Margie Tuite, whose tenacious effort to seek peace with justice opened Rezac Andersen’s eyes to the possibility of creating peace on Earth. According to Rezac Andersen, to experience a sense of truth in oneself is to understand that all are connected into a greater wholeness—the world and the entire human family.  Rezac Andersen’s hope is that after reading The Burden of Knowing you will examine more than one source for accurate information, realizing that media “infotainment” has no merit or validity when trying to determine what is true.


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