My Father’s Quest: The True Story of an Orphan’s Journey


Carmen Corrales Konneker

Carmen was born in a small town in the State of Sonora, Mexico. The youngest daughter of three children, she made a promise to her father that someday, even after he died, she would write his story. Carmen grew up listening to the different adventures her father encountered during his life, finding it fascinating that a human being could endure such challenges without losing his sense of humor. She learned from him to walk through life with his courage. Carmen raised three boys, who have now left the nest, and she has two grandchildren. She has served the community in many ways, working in the medical field, the food industry, and serving as president of the International Women’s Club in Plano, Texas. She has also volunteered at the local hospital. She is always learning different things, just like her father. Now she writes true stories, enjoys painting, and loves children. Carmen is a naturalized citizen of this beautiful country, which she loves just like her father did. She lives with her husband in a beautiful corner deep in the countryside in the state of Texas.

Carmen is currently working on three other books based on true stories about her family.

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In the early 1900s in rural Mexico, a father and mother are taken from their children in a tragic accident. The four small children lose everything—their home, their friends, and all their belongings—and are placed in an orphanage by an uncaring distant relative. The oldest child, Daniel, is only eight years old, but he is determined to protect his younger brother and two sisters as he promised by his father’s grave.

When the siblings are separated, Daniel begins a quest to reunite his family that spans years and borders, trying to bring them together once more.

This is the story as told to his daughter Carmen, who wrote it with love.


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