Nathan: Love, Remembrance, and a Grandmother’s Journey Through Grief


Carole A. Bruno hopes her journey through grief, remembrance, and healing will bring wholeness to others who are experiencing grief and loss. She lives in Rhode Island and Arizona.

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When Nathan Bruno died of an overdose at twenty-two, his struggle with depression and addiction came to an end. Now the struggle belonged to those who’d known him. What would they do with their overwhelming love for a bright, beautiful soul who was no longer there?

In Nathan: Love, Remembrance, and a Grandmother’s Journey Through Grief, Carole Bruno lives her way to the answers. While not shying away from the moments of heartbreak that accompany such a great loss, she moves from bereavement to acceptance and beyond by writing, talking to God, spending time with great-granddaughter Marli, and finding a new way to love Nathan—whose spirit remains an endless source of comfort.

Heartwarming and hopeful, Nathan reminds us that even in our darkest times, it’s possible to connect to the things that bring us joy.


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