Neope’s War: Book Three of the Erinia Saga


Tod Langley was in the military for many years, serving on three combat tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. His love for fantasy fiction started when he first read Robert E. Howard’s Conan stories as a boy. He never lost interest in tales of epic adventure, and the authors he admires most include Stephen R. Donaldson, George R. R. Martin, and Terry Brooks. He married after graduating from Purdue University and moved across the country while he was in the Army. They now live in Indiana with their three children.

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Ferral is wounded.

Allisia is safe.

The sorcerer-king’s hold on winter is loosening, but can Kristian rest when there are so many depending upon him? The demon controls the Deathmarch Army, Ferral searches for the power to destroy his enemies, and the devastated survivors of Erinia look to Kristian for help.

The group that rescued Allisia must now separate and search for the key to winning the war against Ferral, ending his plans to dominate Erinia through sorcery and evil religion.

Cairn wants peace and to forget the past, but he also wants revenge.

Allisia must accept her new powers and learn to control the visions without losing her sanity.

Mikhal must set out on a fateful journey to discover who the demon is and why he is connected to her. And the demon-woman is at the center of all of the devastation.


She is powerful and cunning and she will destroy anyone that stands in her way.

Neope’s War, the stunning conclusion to Langley’s Erinia Saga.


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