No Time for the Pain: A Realistic S&M Lifestyle


Ken Woods

Coming from a background in the mental health field, author Ken Woods has been studying the BDSM lifestyle for years. Ken has written white papers on BDSM for his professional peers and has gone from being an initially reluctant advocate for this lifestyle to an enlightened one.

Ken has led training workshops for the treatment of borderline personality disorders, paranoia, and antisocial personalities in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

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“Even as a schoolboy, I knew,” Director Frugate said. “When Adele Yonkey rejected Frank Grady’s advances, I knew that one day he was going to kill her.”

From the time he was in grade school, everyone assumed Frank Grady would follow in the footsteps of his father, a convicted murderer, and his grandfather, a gambler with four arrests to his name. Before getting expelled at the age of fifteen, he earned a reputation as a brutal fighter. Now he uses the money he earns as a card mechanic to support his family—which consists of several beautiful women who call him “Master.”

But there’s more to Frank than meets the eye. The few people he allows into his world find that he has a keen intellect, that his relationships with his masochistic, yet powerful “slaves” are characterized by love and mutual respect.

Did Frank Grady kill Adele? Former classmate Alvin Frugate, now with the FBI, believes the answer is yes. And he’s willing to destroy everything Frank has worked for to prove it.

No Time for the Pain is a lean, suspenseful novel that gives a realistic view of the S&M and poly family lifestyle. It will capture your attention to the very last page.


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