Pretty Boy Blues: A Broken Child’s Search for Wholeness and Love, a Memoir


Barbara M. McIntyre, Ph.D., is a retired clinical and forensic psychologist. She is the product of a highly traumatic childhood who struggled to find her way in the world, both personally and professionally. She is the mother of two sons and lives in southeast Michigan.

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Pretty Boy Blues is the story of Barbara, a child who experiences abandonment, neglect, and abuse in a motherless home with a distant and disturbed father. She spends her childhood lonely and isolated, becoming a juvenile delinquent at eleven. Desperately looking for love, she drifts from one boy to the next, becoming pregnant and quitting school at the age of seventeen. She struggles through multiple relationships and several divorces before eventually going to college to become a psychologist. Plagued with insecurity, shame, and a shattered sense of self-worth, can she find gratification internally — and not externally — to fill the hole left in her from her childhood?

Sadly, Barbara’s story is not a unique one. Through her compelling memoir, victims of abuse will understand that they are as worthy of love and true happiness as anyone else.


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