Understanding biblical prophecy requires an open and flexible mind based on a cohesive and contextual understanding of the Bible. When Roy Anderberg first began studying the end times forty-one years ago, he was coming from the vantage point of only one view. He soon realized there were several views to consider, and in time, he switched his view to one he felt was closer to the ultimate truth. However, the more he studied, the more details came to light, and he once again modified his view. Today his anchor is on a short chain, ready to pull up in a moment of new discoveries.

While Anderberg now ascribes to a detailed pre-millennial, post-tribulation, single-advent model, he wrote Prophecy Explored to assist others in understanding the nuances of all three major views—Preterism, Historicism, and Futurism.

In Prophecy Explored you can benefit from Anderberg’s forty-plus years of study,  come to your own conclusions, and have the knowledge needed to defend and support those conclusions.