Rent it Up! Four Steps to Unlocking the Profit Potential in Your Self-Storage Business


Tron Jordheim is the director and founder of PhoneSmart, a provider of sales support services for the self-storage industry. PhoneSmart sales reps have written over 500,000 leads and reservations since the fall of 2000 when PhoneSmart was founded, and PhoneSmart currently serves more than 700 self-storage facilities. PhoneSmart’s parent company is TKG-Storagemart, a self-storage company with a major presence in North America.

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Do you own, manage, or work at a self-storage business? Then you NEED this book!

Chances are you have been missing out on up to 30 percent of your potential customers!

The tried and true methods within, supported by extensive research in the industry, will help you grow your business quickly and immensely! Tron’s proven method will have you:

  • Create a selling culture
  • Learn the basics of sales
  • Apply sales skills to selling self-storage
  • Get inside the renter’s mind


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