Resume DNA: Succeeding in Spite of Yourself


John Singer

John Singer, CEO of Professional Development Strategies, is a certified professional resume writer, career coach, and motivational speaker. With a solid background in broadcasting and career development, John combines his knowledge of business, marketing, and communication to inspire others to reach their highest potential.

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For every position that interests you there are dozens, possibly hundreds of applicants. You need to make yourself stand out—but how? Resume DNA: Succeeding in Spite of Yourself is a practical blueprint for navigating your way through a complicated, competitive job market.

You’ll learn to …

  • identify the qualities that distinguish you from your competition
  • write cover letters and resumes that demonstrate why you’re a good fit
  • deliver an opening statement that enables you to control the interview
  • work your network and pilot a proactive search in the “unpublished” job market
  • and much more

With humor and warm encouragement, Resume DNA: Succeeding in Spite of Yourself reminds you of what you’ve already accomplished . . . and teaches you how to leverage those accomplishments as you make your way up the career ladder.


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