Sam, Sara, and the Red Ball


Jenifer Ratliff is a teacher who started writing when she was fourteen years old. She loves gardening, reading stories to kids, and spending time with her three dogs and three cats.

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Sara is a bossy cat who likes to get her way. Her best friend, Sam, is a cuddly older bunny with spotted fur and wise advice. One day they find a shiny red ball that’s stuck between their pantry’s wall and sagging floor. They can’t get it unstuck no matter how hard they try.

When Sara and Sam’s human, Meg, retrieves the toy for them, they spend many joyous moments playing with it. But now Meg is interested in the ball too! There’s something inside it—something she thinks another human might want.

Sara is upset. She doesn’t want to share. At least not until she learns why someone wants their new treasure and discovers how good it can feel to make somebody happy.


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