Sam, Sara, and the Red Butterfly


Jenifer Ratliff is a teacher who started writing when she was fourteen years old. Her first book about Sam and Sara is Sam, Sara, and the Red Ball. She loves gardening, reading stories to kids, and spending time with her three dogs and three cats.

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Sara is a bossy cat who likes to get her way. Sam is a cuddly older bunny with spotted fur and wise advice. Sam and Sara love to go on adventures, but when Sara keeps seeing a red butterfly, Sam is sure she is just imagining things. Red butterflies don’t live in this part of the country, she tells Sara.

But is the red butterfly really just something in Sara’s overactive imagination? Or is there more to these strange sightings?

Everything becomes even more mysterious when Sam and Sara’s human, Meg, has visitors who bring with them a new mystery about the red butterfly. Will this be their next big adventure?


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