Speaking Better French: more Faux Amis!


Saul H. Rosenthal

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It’s easy to assume that French words mean the same as English words, when they look and sound pretty much the same. Most of the time you’d be correct. However, some of these word pairs may have completely different meanings. They are called false friends, or faux amis.

These faux amis can cause misunderstandings, uncomfortable situations, and even embarrassment if you use them in conversation and they mean something entirely different than what you expected. This book is written to help you avoid these awkward misunderstandings.

This book isn’t a dry list of faux amis. It’s written in conversational language and is easy and fun to read. Each faux ami word pair is explained so that you will understand the differences in how the French word is used compared to the English. You’ll also see examples of its usage in sentences and phrases.

When you’ve finished reading this book, you will have learned most of these faux amis without ever having had to consciously memorize them, simply because they’re so interesting.


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