Sum of Her Parts: The Case of Many Alternative Personalities


Mary L. Alexander is a retired social worker who has resided in seven states in the US, lived in Japan and Germany, and traveled to twenty-six countries, including Tanzania, Kenya, the Bahamas, Andorra, and Fiji. Mary has two sons.

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“An absolutely remarkable and unique story of healing and hope tenaciously and tenderly emerging out of unspeakable human depravity and abuse. . . . It shines a bright light on just how incredibly resilient and creative the human mind and psyche can be in adapting to such brokenness, especially given the right support and guidance.”

—Mark E. Perry, pastor of Sierra Evangelical Lutheran Church

“This is a compelling book, must-reading for anyone interested in dissociative identity disorder (DID) individuals or desiring more understanding of the struggles friends and family members go through.”

—Georgiana Rodiger, Founder of Rodiger Institute in Pasadena


Marina Lorca spent almost a year in a psychiatric rehab center. Unlike the other patients, however, she had no interest in getting high. She only used when one of her other personalities was in control.

Upon release, Marina’s counselor referred her to Esther Laird, a therapist who specialized in dissociative identity disorder. With Esther’s guidance, Marina began to process the ritualistic abuse that had permeated her childhood, and she grew more adept at communicating with the alternate personalities that had arisen to help her cope with it. But getting all of her “parts” to work in harmony became urgent when a former abuser went missing—abducted by one of her alters.

Providing insight into a poorly understood and very real condition, Sum of Her Parts tells the gripping story of a survivor who learns to take the reins of her own mind.


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