The Fight for My Life: My Covid Story


Karen Wasoba hails from St. Peters, Missouri. Karen is a pastor’s wife who enjoys collecting turquoise jewelry and weird friends. A retired licensed professional counselor, Karen divides her time between friends and family, especially her new granddaughter, Hazel. She is the proud mother of two adult children and mother-in-law to their spouses. Karen is also the author of Lord, Shut Me Up!, a light-hearted tutorial on anger management.

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It’s December 2020, and Karen Wasoba is so weak she collapses to the floor with flu-like symptoms. Her husband rushes her to the hospital where she thinks she will stay for a few hours of treatment. It’s probably just the flu, she reassures herself. Even if it’s Covid-19, I’m a healthy sixty-plus-year-old. I’ll be OK. But then the doctor breaks the news: It is Covid-19, and she is not OK.

She is admitted into the intensive care unit, her lungs fill with fluid until her oxygen levels become dangerously low, and she is eventually intubated, kept under sedation, and put on a ventilator for the next thirty days. Every day is a struggle to survive as a cytokine storm rages through her body.

“What you do not want is for the hospital to keep her on a ventilator and hope she recovers on her own,” a friend in the medical profession warns her family.

Banned from seeing Karen because of Covid restrictions, her friends and family do whatever they can to help. Prayer chains are started, meals are brought to her ailing husband who is also struck by the disease, and her children scramble to find alternative treatments that might save their mother’s life. Seven weeks later, Karen finally awakens to find herself completely helpless, her body so weak she can barely move or speak. It will be a long journey back to health, but she is highly motivated! The Fight for My Life: My Covid Story brings readers into the real experiences of a Covid-19 survivor and her family, where all hope seems to be lost until the strength of family, friends, and faith prevail.


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