The Kitchen Dance: A New Take on Kosher Cooking


Elana Milstein and Rob Yunich

Both Elana Milstein and Rob Yunich have been cooking since their youth. “The Kitchen Dance,” their first book, earns its name from their struggle to keep a kosher home in tight quarters—something many people can relate to on a daily basis. From the first time they cooked together, Rob and Elana had to find ways to “dance” around each other in the kitchen, making an effort to learn each other’s movements and avoid collisions—all while sticking to recipes and making sure everything was cooked properly. This not only brought them closer together as a couple but made them better chefs. By day, Elana is a technology coordinator and computer teacher for a local Jewish day school. A Rhode Island native, she has lived in the Washington, D.C., area since 1999. Rob is a veteran writer, blogger, and communications professional. He has lived in and around the nation’s capital for most of his life.

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What began with a young couple whipping up kosher recipes in tight quarters became a passion for food, fun, and each other. “The Kitchen Dance” by Elana Milstein and Rob Yunich is a fresh way to think about kosher cooking, the home, and family. Preparing quick, affordable kosher meals has never been easier. From detailed shopping lists, to helping you stock the pantry, to entertaining in tight quarters, “The Kitchen Dance” is the perfect guide to making healthy, fast kosher meals. The recipes include stir-fries, pasta entrees, vegetarian main dishes, original fast-cooking chicken recipes, and delicious desserts. “The Kitchen Dance” is full of easy-to-understand, foolproof recipes that work perfectly for those who want to cook together or nurture a budding romance.


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