The Knight, the Dragon, and the Evil King and Queen


David’s early school years were difficult due to a learning disability that was not correctly diagnosed. If it had not been for the support of his mother, father, and Dr. Doug Stephey, he may not have made it through school and into a successful adulthood.

Although David had an Individualized Education Program (IEP) from the fifth grade on, he refused to cooperate with the IEP because he didn’t want to be labeled as a slow learner or have his peers know about his struggles to read. It wasn’t until he was correctly diagnosed and treated by Dr. Doug Stephey that he was able to overcome his disability and celebrate his accomplishments. David graduated from high school and later went on to graduate from community college in 2022 with an associate degree in aviation science and commercial flight. He also earned certifications in phlebotomy and real estate. He is very proud of his accomplishments.

Now it’s time to give back!

David’s educational journey was long and hard without any basic foundation in his early years. He hopes to help other children avoid failing in school by increasing awareness among parents, teachers, and school administrators about the early signs of learning disabilities.  By working together and being aware of the indicators, we can all help more children to succeed in life.

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When a friendly knight is hired by a king and queen to kill a dragon who stole their money, the knight faces many challenges along his journey. But his greatest challenge is still to come. Did the king and queen tell him the whole story? What will happen when he finally faces the dragon? Read this book to find out!

The Knight, the Dragon, and the Evil King and Queen was inspired by author David Ibanez’s love for dragons and storytelling. He wrote this book as a summer school class project when he was twelve years old.


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