The Princess and the Golden Butterfly


Steve Elkins worked in the newspaper and advertising business for thirty years before retiring. This story came to him one night while his wife was dying of cancer. He hopes it will help to bring hope and closure to others who are suffering.

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Princess Nadweena longs to find the elusive golden butterfly—rumored to be the loveliest and rarest butterfly of all. One day, as she is sitting near the edge of a brook while cooling her feet in the clear water, she sees a golden butterfly flutter into the dark forest. Although she knows about the danger of the forest, Princess Nadweena cannot help but follow the butterfly, forgetting the fierce dragon who dwells within.

Author Steve Elkins wrote The Princess and the Golden Butterfly when his wife (his princess) was facing an ugly dragon called cancer.

Perhaps you or a loved one is facing a similar dragon. When dealing with dragons, it’s nice to have butterflies on our side.


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