The Rogue Clone


James Wells is a native son of the beautiful Berkshire Hills of southwestern Massachusetts where he lives on a small farm. Retired, he keeps busy helping his daughter and two granddaughters care for three horses and two sheep. Jim also enjoys photography and kayaking the Housatonic River and other ponds and lakes in the area.

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Good ideas are not always what they seem, especially when the natural order of things is altered for the sake of reputation. Photojournalist Jim Smith discovers this first-hand when he stumbles across a rare skunk ape and takes a picture of the beast. The public’s reaction to Smith’s story and picture, however, are not what he expects. Instead of catapulting his career, the image makes Smith a laughing stock and threatens to destroy his reputation as a credible photojournalist. In an effort to exonerate himself, Smith searches in vain for another sighting of the skunk ape. However, the only evidence he finds is a tuft of the creature’s fur caught in some branches. When he learns of Dr. Janice Gruber, a genetics engineer specializing in cloning animals, it only seems logical to prove that the skunk ape is real by having her clone the beast with the DNA found in his fur sample.

Using a female orangutan as a surrogate, the doctor’s cloning efforts are successful and seem to be under control until the pregnant orangutan is set free by an animal rights group. The orangutan delivers her cloned infant in the woods and soon dies, leaving the young skunk ape alone to roam the wilds with only his animal instincts to guide him. Three years later he is looking for a mate and savagely rapes a young woman named Emily Wilson. Not long after that he beats a hunter to death. Emily, whose life is forever changed because of the attack, joins forces with Jim Smith and Deputy Billy Eagle to find the beast and stop him before he attacks again. But will their efforts be too little too late?


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