The Sulphur Priest


Adrian Boas is an archaeologist and historian of the Crusades. He has excavated several crusader-period sites, including, for the past fifteen years, the fortress that serves as the principal location in The Sulphur Priest, his first novel. A professor emeritus at the University of Haifa, he has published several academic books.

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In this sweeping novel about one of the most fascinating periods in history, The Sulphur Priest weaves together two dramatic stories occurring six-and-a-half centuries apart at a medieval castle in the dense Mediterranean forest of western Galilee. In 1271, a young German squire was witness to strange and treacherous events that took place in the Crusader castle when it was under siege. In 1926, archeologists on an American-led expedition to the same castle in British mandate Palestine stumble on a concealed subterranean passage, and within it, a remarkable find. These two episodes come together to expose a double drama of secrecy, deception, alchemy, and murder. The Sulphur Priest is a must-read for anyone who enjoys action-packed historical fiction.


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