The Twins


Alvin H. Franzmeier, author of Freya’s Child and The Spiral Bridge, was raised on a southern Minnesota farm during the Great Depression. As an adult, he dedicated his life to the ministry, serving as founding pastor of congregations in Ontario, Canada, and suburban St. Paul, Minnesota. He eventually moved to Houston, Texas and pastored a church there for forty-five years until retiring. Franzmeier and his wife, Sylvia, are the parents of three children and the grandparents of six.

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It is 1938 — a year when most Americans are still coping with the Great Depression and wondering how long they can avoid the inevitable war and Nazi threat in Europe.

When thirteen-year-old Orville Switzer discovers the bodies of twin sisters lying frozen beneath the snow in a St. Paul, Minnesota train yard, connections are soon linked to Germany. In their efforts to discover who murdered the twins and why, sheriff’s deputy Al Freitag and his wife Tillie, a social worker for Orville’s family, are suddenly plunged into a web of mystery, intrigue, mob violence, and an espionage ring involving pro-Nazi and German American Bund members.

Will the truth behind the murders be discovered? At what cost?


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