Thoughtful Expressions


William E. Johnson was born in Rice Lake, Wisconsin in 1943. After practicing law for almost three decades, he burned out, got treated for depression, and took medical retirement. He currently lives in Mexico with his wife, Kathy, and their dogs, the greatly beloved Señor Feliz and Dulcita.

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Human existence is complicated. Though we face adversity in its many forms, we also encounter beauty and mercy, love and joy. Thoughtful Expressions explores a variety of phenomena that all of us ponder while engaging with the rigors and blessings of everyday life. Reflecting on topics from the nature of the soul to the corrupting influence of power to the promise of salvation, William Johnson invites us to examine our own experiences through a different lens than we’re accustomed to.

Every step of our journey is a gift. What happens to our outlook when the road becomes rocky depends on whether we can maintain a sense of gratitude. With wisdom and humor, Johnson’s thought-provoking essays encourage us to roll with the punches and see the good in all things.


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