Wisdom: Things I Wish I Knew at Twenty-Two


Sharon Senna began writing poetry in 1992. She found that writing provided not only a creative outlet, but also a way to make better sense of life. Wisdom is her third book. Sharon finds joy in helping others to become more successful on whatever path their hearts beckon them to follow.

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Wisdom: Things I Wish I Knew at Twenty-Two is a collection of life lessons for teenagers, young adults, and everyone who is twenty-two at heart. With insights gathered from women and men who have experienced different elements of life’s journey, this book dispenses wisdom in practical, easy-to-digest morsels, such as:

  • Becoming effective at work
  • Achieving work-life balance
  • Assuming leadership roles
  • Identifying values and setting goals
  • Dealing with matters of the heart
  • …and other practical life lessons

Whether you are a teenager seeking wisdom that does not come from a schoolbook, a young adult striving to be successful, or an older adult looking for a good mental tune-up, let the messages in Wisdom enlighten and inspire you as you pursue your dreams.


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